Our goal is to provide you with a user-friendly site that has useful information for anyone in receipt of Direct Payments and those looking for a Personal Assistant (PA) or looking to work as a PA, in the Hull and East Riding of Yorkshire region

This site is run by Choices and Rights Disability Coalition (C&R). An organisation of disabled people who have been providing services to disabled people since 1992. This site has been set up to enable PAs to register their interest in becoming a PA. You can also find out about  Direct Payments, Choices and Rights, our SERVICES and our courteous and resourceful staff.

A Personal Assistant (sometimes called a PA or a support worker) is employed by people who need social care, either because of their age or disability, to enable them to live as independently as possible. Personal assistants carry out a wide range of tasks as required by the employer, including support with things such as washing and getting dressed, cooking, feeding, and supporting people to go out and about so they have greater independence and the ability to live their life more fully. The key skills needed for being a PA are the ability to listen, be flexible and show a willingness to learn and respond.

A PA is usually employed by people who are directing their own care through a direct payment or individual budgets from the local authority, or are funding their own support. Personal Assistants can be employed directly by one employer, can work for a number of different people or could be self-employed. The job can be very flexible, offering part-time and full time work on different days and at different times.

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